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Aion God of Fertility & Life Micro Marble Mosaic

Fecunditas et Felicitas Temporum, Aion God of Eternal Life considered as the Master Ruler of the world. The word Aion means "Eternity", "Life with No Limits" ...

As described Aion an aged male with catching eye of an eagle, large beard and moustache. Usually, accompanied with 4 seasons in addition to the sun & moon young goddesses. The whole scene will make sense of his strength & power as it is effective the whole year in any season along with day & night.

** Considered as one of our Rare Piece of Art, as the pictures show the tiny details are transformed into micro mosaic tiles each piece not measuring more than 0,3 cm in order to show the particular details of the Mythological Mighty God's facial expressions.

Dimensions: 120 x 120 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Cost: $1,300

Customization: since mosaic is a handmade art, any item that you find in our website can be customized into the size that you wish and colors that you like. For more details CLICK HERE


Mythological God of Life Micro Marble Mosaic


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