Marble Mosaic, Glass Mosaic, Ceramic Mosaic

Started as Amateur of Art, than with my clients' tributes I find myself in continuous progress technically and practically where the picture gallery can be an enough proof of the words!

A large number of products is available online with the variety to choose the raw material from Glass Mosaic, Marble Mosaic as well as Ceramic Mosaic. I have started for now with the Marble Mosaic Stones, and later I will be joining a list of new designs some are drawn personally ... upcoming are the Glass Mosaics as well as Ceramic Mosaics.

From Geometric Mosaic to Floral Designs, Animal Mosaic, Faces of Mythological Gods, modern style mosaic too ... anything is possible. If you don't find it here you can email us and you will have it exclusively for yourself!

Marble Mosaic

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