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Neptune on Carriage Micro Marble Mosaic

Neptune is known in Roman mythology & Greek mythology. In Roman mythology, god of the sea, son of the god Saturn, and brother of Jupiter and Pluto. Originally a god of springs and streams, he became identified with the Greek god of the sea, named Poseidon. Being God of sea, he always figured on sea carriage dragged by 4 sea horses and two (one on each side) furious upper half human body & lower animal body, male & female. Considered as a rare piece of art for its smallest details shown within such small tiles as you can see in the last picture the tile doesn't exceed 0,3 cm!

Dimensions: 120 x 120 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Cost: $ 775,75

Customization: since mosaic is a handmade art, any item that you find in our website can be customized into the size that you wish and colors that you like. For more details CLICK HERE


Neptune Micro Marble Mosaic


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